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Accessing Geodatabases in AWS instances directly from on-prem ArcGIS clients

Question asked by henok.alemu_noaa on Mar 4, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2020 by henok.alemu_noaa

We are accessing AWS RDS for postgres/postgis geodatabases in AWS instances directly from on-premise ArcGIS clients. While the ArcGIS clients on-premise do access the AWS geotabases instances, there appears to be frequent disconnection with the AWS server. This happens especially when we are adding multiple layers in ArcMap or do some tasks. Is there any way to handle this issue? 


Esri's documentation says " Geodatabases in AWS instances are not intended to be accessed directly from on-premises ArcGIS clients.". But it says it would only slow down connectivity between ArcGIS client (on-prem) with the AWS databases instances.  


Has anyone experienced this issue? Any insights as to why we are having frequent disconnection is much appreciated.


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