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Need guidance on building a map of organizations and their attributes

Question asked by juanzcba on Mar 3, 2020
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I work at a nonprofit and I am trying to build a map of other nonprofit organizations that offer financial services like counseling or even different types of loans, that are located across the United States. I am trying to figure out how to best present information on these organizations. We currently only have access to ArcGIS online and not the desktop version.


Users will be wanting to find organizations that offer services or types of loans they are looking for. I currently have a spreadsheet of all the organizations and all the services and products they offer. Would each service i.e. one-on-one coaching, online coaching, budget management be it's own layer? The same for financial products offered like Home Mortgage or small business loans. It does not seem efficient to have a layer for each service and product as there are a lot of options.


Ideally, the map starts out displaying all the possible organization and then something like a drop down menu on the side of the map with all the services and products listed. You would click on one them and the map changes to only showing the organizations that offer that service or product.


Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!!


Thank you,