Creation of a personalized graphic with image, texts and sensor ranges

Discussion created by Conan42 on Mar 2, 2020
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I am adapting in C ++ with Qt and ArcGis my Harpoon application for Android (link on google play for the example: Harpoon pour Android – Applications sur Google Play ) that I realized in Java with the Osmdroid API. I want to switch to Qt and ArcGis to be able to run on all systems. I must be able to draw on 2D and 3D map symbols of the units with text and plots of sensor ranges and open a context menu on the unit with a long click.


I was able to draw a text:

   Point point2(-60.0,-52.0, 500.0);

   TextSymbol* textSymbol = new TextSymbol("Harpoon", QColor(Qt::black), 12.0, HorizontalAlignment::Left,    VerticalAlignment::Middle, this);

   Graphic* graphic2 = new Graphic(point2, textSymbol, this);


I was able to draw an image:

    Point point(-60.0,-52.0, 200.0);
    QImage *image = new QImage( ":/NTDS/Data/ntds_airbase.png" );
    PictureMarkerSymbol *symbol = new PictureMarkerSymbol(*image, this);
    Graphic *graphic = new Graphic(point3, symbol, this);


But I would like to customize the Graphic class to display an image and several text as well as radar ranges, and it does not seem that we can access the source of arcGis.


Graphic* graphic = new Graphic( geometry, rawAttributes, this );

But I don't see how to do it. Can you help me please?


Best regards


Michel Guenin