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sde account with rds_superuser role on AWS RDS Postgres has insufficient privileges to disconnect users

Question asked by henok.alemu_noaa on Mar 2, 2020

We have enterprise geodatabases on AWS RDS for Postgres/PostGIS. And the sde account is given the rds_superuser role. While accessing the RDS geodatabase from ArcGIS client using the SDE account, the SDE account is unable to disconnect logged-in users from the geodatabase connection. And the error message is "Insufficient Permissions" or "Connection information provided was for a non-administrative user".


In PostgreSQL, the sde account is given the superuser role, that is what is needed to be able to have the permissions to disconnect users. Not sure why rds_superuser role is not working as expected or whether I am missing something in the workflow.


Appreciate any insights or solutions to this.


Thank you,