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Running an Emerging Hot Spot analysis close my ArcGIS Pro program. When I run it in another computer it does work but not with me.Can any one help me?

Question asked by ilayatshah on Mar 1, 2020

I have created Space Time Cube on a time series spatial data with monthly resolution of 36 months. Now I want to run Emerging Hot Spot analysis tools using that Space Time Cube as an input layer. The tool run and completed but my ArcGIS Pro quit and closed directly with out showing me any notification. So I dont get any result. I searched the Geoprocessing history but it doesnt show me this tool. Though showed me all the tools which I have run before nut not this one. The same tool worked in my University lab computer but not with me why? Also I have run this tool before many times on my laptop on the same data which worked for me but its not working now. My laptop is core i5 with 8GB RAM.