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Error connecting to an NTRIP RTK in Collector while on VPN

Question asked by jdandoi1_GISandData on Feb 28, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2020 by jdandoi1_GISandData

I have been trying to work this out with our IT department and with our NTRIP RTK provider with no luck so far and wanted to reach out here.  I am getting an error message "Mount Point Query Failed" in Collector when trying to connect to our NTRIP RTK service while connected to a VPN.


Our Enterprise Portal is behind the firewall and when we connect to map services for field editing in Collector we either need to be connected to the internet on our company wifi or connected to a 4G hotspot with a VPN software running.  When connected to the company wifi, connecting to the NTRIP RTK works no problem and we are able to get the expected 7cm-ish horizontal accuracy over the Trimble R2.  But if the tablet is connected to the VPN we are unable to connect the NTRIP network and get the "Mount Point Query Failed" error. Obviously using the 4G hotspot is helpful since wifi coverage is poor outside the facilities. 


Just wanted to send this out there to see if anyone has had a similar experience. The RTK service provider did not have any good ideas and said that they have never had a client either try to connect over VPN or report any errors while doing so.  I am still trying to work with our Central IT to try to resolve this from their end, assuming that it is an IP and port blocking issue, but that has not yet resolved the issue.