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Arcgis Pro 2.5 - Import table Issue

Question asked by dafiter Champion on Feb 26, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2020 by dafiter

I just opened a pro project that was created pre 2.5 upgrade. I can see my data as expected. 

When I try to re add that table to that project or any other made after the upgrade we get an error. 

FAQ: What characters should not be used in ArcGIS for field names and table names? 

After looking into it, I believe that the error is because pro is adding quotes to field names. Only on the layers that have a _ before hand.  This did not happen in a pre Pro 2.5 project and does not happen in desktop products. I downgraded to 2.4 and the table added without the quotes. 



We do not have access to the database and cannot change the field names. 

Any suggestions on a work around?