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missing filters and searching in arcpro catalog?

Question asked by jdouglasFGT on Feb 25, 2020

Am I missing something in arcpro catalog?

I try and search for tags ive placed on hosted layers and content, but alas, doesnt show up in the catalog search pane.

Have toggled between 'my content' and 'my groups', but nothing seems to be user friendly here.

Am I missing some options?

Is there some sort of sorting option available?

Option to see content in folders that other users keep their stuff organized in?

Option to see thumbnails of the content?

When Im in agol, i try opening the hosted layer im looking for by using the 'open in arcgis pro', and it downloads the little file, but opens in a new map instead of the existing map im working in... doesnt help much.


I know i must be missing something, because searching and opening content is a foundational thing I cant image esri would've looked over..