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Can't generate tokens in Portal for ArcGIS

Question asked by igor92128 on Feb 24, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2020 by igor92128

I am federating ArcGIS Server with Portal for ArcGIS and I can't get any tokens from Portal nor publish services to Server anymore. Whenever I click on any existing map service, it's asking me to sign in but whenever I type in my credentials, I get the error "Unable to access authentication service". I did a network trace and I see it's doing this call to Portal to get a token:


but when I try this URL in a browser, I get error code 405 GWM_0005 Method not supported. In the Portal error logs, I see Token generated for user 'admin' when I tried the credentials. Also in Portal Security, I added to trusted servers and to CORS but that didn't have any effect. Is there some other setting that I am missing?