EditOperation Automaticly started with Event "OnDeleteFeature"?

Discussion created by GD_Lionel on Mar 24, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2011 by agray1
Hello everyone again,

I've just a little question to make sure, that everything doesn't work just by a fluke.
I'm handling the Events "OnVertexAdded" and "OnDeleteFeature".

In my OnDeleteFeature-handling it can be, that the delete-Operation is invalid. In this case, I call the editor.AbortOperation-method. That works fine. Does that mean, the ArcGIS is starting itself an edit operation? I Think this, because I also can't start an edit Operation in this event-handling without getting an Error. In contrast to the OnVertexAdded-event, where it is possible to start an Edit Operation.

In the API there is written, that the user must start an stop Operations while he's editing within an editor editing session.

So, it's a bit confusing for me..

Thanks for the answers!