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Layers not displaying correctly in AGOL depending on zoom extent

Question asked by mdiskin_usfs on Feb 23, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2020 by mdiskin_usfs

In a couple of different AGOL maps, I have layers that do not display correctly in AGOL unless I am zoomed in to a certain extent.  There is no zoom dependency on these layers.  The data shows accurately in Collector and in ArcGIS Pro, but does not show up in the AGOL map unless I am zoomed to a certain extent.  This is occurring with two separate polygon layers in a couple different maps.  In some instances, the polygon symbology depicts an incorrect value, and in other instances, only fragments of the polygon show.  Details with screenshots below.  Any thoughts, hopefully easy solutions?


Fragments of the pink polygon in this zoom extent.  This is incorrect.


Entire pink polygon shows in this zoom extent.  This is correct.  Collector and Pro show the entire polygon at all extents..


Incorrect value symbolized in this zoom extent.


Correct value symbolized in this zoom extent.  Collector and ArcGIS Pro show the correct value at all extents.