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Manage Tile Cache Failing when updating tile cache

Question asked by KRMORRIS@nps.gov_nps on Feb 20, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2020 by KRMORRIS@nps.gov_nps

Manage Tile Cache Failing when updating tile cache in ArcGIS Pro 2.4.2 & ArcGIS Pro 2.5


Manage Tile Cache Tool functions fine to create a new tile cache. However, when I re-run the tool pointing to the tile cache it just created and try to Recreate_empty_tiles or Recreate_all_tiles whether they are the same tiles or additional tile levels, the tool fails. I have used the same extent and changed the extent for adding tiles. The tool always fails with the following message and I can't move forward.


Start Time: Thursday, February 20, 2020 3:12:57 PM
Generating tile cache using 6 parallel instances.
ERROR 001517: Failed to generate tiles for Layers.
Failed to execute (ManageTileCache).
Failed at Thursday, February 20, 2020 3:12:57 PM (Elapsed Time: 0.03 seconds)


suggesting issues with disk access 001517: Failed to generate tiles for : .—Help | Documentation 


Any ideas? or is this a bug...


Additional Information: feature layers come from both shape files and enterprise data through database connection.

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UPDATE 3/31/2020:

The main trouble with this tool is the Graphical User Interface. The GUI appears to provide two methods to select a tile cache, but in reality this is not the case and the user should only enter the folder and subsequent tile cache folder to create tiles or update tiles (GUI #1). The workspace folder is two folders up from the tile cache and the tile cache folder is one folder up from the tile cache where the icon for the tile cache is located. So this is three folders - with the third folder really being the cache. This seemed odd to me, as I would open the tool and keep drilling down to the tile cache icon to get the tool to recognize the cache and auto-populate the other tool parameter boxes (GUI #2).  From here it will not work. You need to use the first GUI where you enter the data location (two folders up from where the tile cache icon lives), select the tile cache folder (one folder up from where the tile cache icon lives), and then you can use the selections available with the tool to get things done.


The bug that has been logged relates to the second GUI issue, where a user deletes specific tiles or a tile set. In this scenario, the user must drill down through the same three folders to the true tile cache location that is identified with the tile cache icon. After the user selects the tile cache (the icon for the folder) and deletes a tile cache using the tool they cannot then re-run the opened tool to update the empty tiles or recreate tiles by changing the selection of the tool from delete tiles to either recreate empty tiles or update tiles. The tool will fail. It appears that the tool has now lost reference to the location of the tile cache.


The enhancement listed below relates to the tool sometimes auto populating tile level information and sometimes not depending on which GUI you are in. This is a minor annoyance, but it is nice to have the tile levels and max/min identified.


The good news is if you follow the advice above, you should be successful with using the tool. Just don't select the icon of the tile cache to create/update tiles! BUT select the icon of the tile cache to delete tiles!


FYI - Another bug may be present. We did run into a repeatable situation where datum conflict of the Hillshade/Topo Basemap with the project data NAD83 UTM11N caused ArcGIS Pro to crash. Delving into this may be for another day.



Esri Case #02526297 - Manage Tile Cache Tool 'Cache Location' Parameter Does Not Automatically Update When Deleting Tiles - BUG-000129764



Esri Case #02526296 - Enhancement Request to have Maximum and Minimum Cached Scale Drop Downs Automatically Update.  ENH-000129761