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White spaces in TPKX file on one zoom level

Question asked by cuzzup on Feb 20, 2020

I have created a .tpkx file in ArcGIS Pro 2.5.0 using a raster mosaic dataset.



Checked ON - Package for ArcGIS Online|Bing Maps|Google

Tiling format = JPEG

Min Level = 0

Max Level = 19

Extent = default

Compression Quality = 75

Package Type = tpkx


ArcGIS Pro cranks away and a couple hours later I have my .tpkx file.  Everything looks fine with the dataset, until I zoom in.  At just one zoom level there are tiles that display as just white blocks.  I believe it is Zoom Level 17.  If I select a pixel in these white areas, it displays the correct R,G, B values - not 255,255,255 (i.e. white).  So the resulting RGB values in these pixels displaying as white are actually correct, they just don't display the correct color at this one zoom level.


Anyone else experiencing a similar situation?  Any recommendations on how to fix it?


Thank you!