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Direct Link to a Comment for Crosslinking

Question asked by E06214@srcity.org_SantaRosa on Feb 19, 2020
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Seemingly silly question here.... Can someone provide info for how to easily link directly to someone's comment on Geonet?


For example, when there's a question on Geonet which I know has been answered in the comments of another question, how do I easily generate a direct link to the specific comment?  Is there a specific suffix that I can add to the URL address?


A specific example would be something like this : Unable to Republish/Overwrite Survey buried in the comments is one by Amy Knight  which solved my problem.  Knowing other's have had this issue I looked for a pending solution in ArcGIS Ideas, not finding anything I'd like to create a new Idea and include a direct link to this comment to provide context where other's are having the same issue.


I clicked through the resources here and didn't find what I was looking for: 


Thank you for the assistance.