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Changing Chart Line Colour using ArcPy

Question asked by kjelly on Feb 19, 2020

I have a list of symbol colours which I am using to style my AOI polygons. I would like to create a line graph related to these AOIs with the lines being the same colours.


How do you do this in arcpy?


This is what I have so far:

c = arcpy.Chart('{}'.format(
c.type = 'line'

for aoi in aois:
        c.xAxis.field = '{}_Dates'.format(aoi)

c.yAxis.field = list(aois)
c.xAxis.title = 'Dates'
c.yAxis.title = 'Change'

c.line.aggregation = 'MEAN'
c.line.timeIntervalSize = 1

c.line.timeIntervalUnits = 'DAYS'

c.line.trimIncompleteTimeInterval = False