A dashboard for COVID-19 data

Discussion created by dx7fu_uvalibrary on Feb 18, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2020 by dafiter

Just wanted to share with the community a dashboard for COVID-19 data we built using ArcGIS API for JavaScript (version 3.31). The URL is: https://nssac.bii.virginia.edu/covid-19/dashboard


Key features of our dashboard include:

  • County-level statistics for USA (click on a State to view), and state/province-level statistics for Canada, Chile, India and Germany;
  • A time slider to view all the historical data;
  • An interactive chart for cumulative and daily number;
  • A visualization of all reported COVID-19 incidence data, filtered by date;
  • A heatmap of a selected attribute (Confirmed, Deaths or Recovered) on an interactive map;
  • A search tool that allows users to filter the data set to specific records;
  • A query tool that allows advanced users to focus on regions of interest;
  • The ability to select regions by clicking on the map; to select multiple regions at once, hold the "command" key on the Mac or the "ctrl" key on Windows while clicking;
  • Sort and export subsets of the data for analysis on external tools.


Let us know if you have any suggestion.