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Rematching Addresses in Pro 2.5

Question asked by jborgion Champion on Feb 18, 2020

I just completed my first journey into geocoding with ArcGIS Pro 2.5 and have noticed some odd behavior.  The first odd thing I encountered is it would not let me edit the IN_singleline field with the re-match interface.  I had to  quit my Pro session and restart it, and then I was able to edit that field for rematching. 


In this particular session, I'm only interested in 60ish (out of 4,000ish) unmatched addresses.  The street they are along gets butchered in several typical ways, so I can select for them.  I suspect the selection is the issue, but it's annoying none the less.  See the gif below.


As mentioned all the butchered Big Cottonwood Cyn Rd unmatched records are selected.  As I step through to make the correction(s) needed and apply those changes, I 'lose my place in line': that is to say, once I hit apply, it bounces back to last still unmatched address.  I couldn't massage that particular address into a match, but I sure don't want to keep going back to it.


My guess is this behavior is 'as designed', since the selected unmatched addresses set seems to trump all.  But it would really cool if we had the option to unselect a record once we are 'done' messing with it.



Edited moments later:  Once I scrolled through the selected set of unmatched records and then unselected it, I was indeed able to move on...


Brad Niemand

Shana Britt