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Where do you work and what is your role?

Hello all! I currently work for San Jose State University, I am an Instructional Designer for the eCampus group here.


What GIS success have you had this year and what product did you use? (big or small - no win is out of bounds)

I'm currently learning how to use the ArcGIS products to provide workshops on the tool here at SJSU. So I have nothing at this point, but will add information as I go.

What is your expertise (GIS related or not), and how can that help the community?

My expertise is music, and video. I have been a professional musician most of my life, and I did a lot of video lecture capture for my previous university at CSU Bakersfield. I also did some lecture video recordings with a California based petroleum non-profit. I hold a B.S. in computer science, information systems, and I am currently working on my Master's in Instructional design. I had started working on my JC degree years ago in the field of architecture. So I had learned how you use CADD and 3d Studio Max awhile back. I want to contribute with my knowledge to the community from my previous experiences.


I am looking forward to participating in this group to learn more about GIS. 


Bonus Round! Post the coordinates to your favorite place on earth.

Current favorite place (until I travel more):

36.3714° N, 121.9017° W


Honorable mentions:

36.0161° N, 114.7377° W

36.1944° N, 115.4383° W

37.3353° N, 121.8835° W

34.1195° N, 118.2963° W

34.1122° N, 118.3391° W

36.2381° N, 121.8162° W

35.129394° N, -120.632545° W