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EPSG release and ArcGIS Projection Engine

Question asked by iacovellas on Feb 18, 2020
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Hi All,


As stated in the subject I'm investigating to understand if there is an easy way to identify which version of EPSG dataset is bind to a specific version of ArcGIS' Projection Engine.
The scenario includes a legacy application, that I'm maintaining,  that uses EPSG datasets to specify CRS and Datum transformation codes. This application does not use ArcObjects, spatial datasets, mainly raster data, are stored in a proprietary format, bind to an EPSG code specifying CRS and Datum shift operation.
In order to publish datasets to ArcGIS' users a desktop extension ingests this data into an enterprise Geodatabase. Projection definition and Datum shift uses the EPSG codes with functions from the projection engine.
To avoid issues with EPSG codes not recognized I would like to sync the version of EPSG datasets used in the legacy application with the one used in ArcGIS Projection engine.


We are currently running ArcGIS 10.5.1 SP1, planning to migrate to 10.7.1.
So the main question is: where can I find a clear indication of the EPSG version used for a ArcGIS release?


Thanks for any hint


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Stefano Iacovella