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Text Boxes and Text Colours in the beta Slide Show

Question asked by mapcomposer on Feb 17, 2020


I've been trying out the slideshow ( beta ) in ARCGIS Story Maps.    Having difficulties with the text boxes.

Often when using a back image the colours ( especially black and white images ) clash with the colour options recommended.  To change the colour you have to go to Options and then you need to know the hex number for the colour you want to change the text to.   Is there going to be a simpler more intuitive options for this?


Also I noticed that the palette options are often covered by the bottom bar of the story map screen.  So it's difficult to fill out the hex number. So you have to close it.


Have also had examples of highlighting the text to change the colour only to have the last word of the text to become unhighlighted.


Having the fixed 3 positions for the text is limiting. Sometimes you need to select a darker part of the image to display white for example but you don't have the freedom to move the text box to a user selected location.