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Closest facility: Out of Memory

Question asked by jbelanger on Feb 17, 2020
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I've run in to the common "Out of Memory" problem when running a closest facility Solve. However, I'm only running it on 256 facilities (schools) and 1144 incidents (villages)*. I've tried the following:

  • The Chunking method workaround suggested by Knowledge Base
  • Dividing my 256 facilities into chunks of 50.
  • Recreating my database and network datasets on different locations and harddrives.

... But keep getting the same error. I am wondering if it has to do with my data being corrupt, or if this can be solved by getting the 64bit extension to ArcMap.


*Solve has run successfully when performed over two other facilities datasets, one that is 52 points and one that is 158. I only have issues when running on the 256-facility dataset.


Does any one have ideas about how I can get this to work? Thank you very much in advance!