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ArcGIS Pro 2.5 and untools 2.5 python downgrades

Question asked by suhrl_PSE on Feb 17, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2020 by suhrl_PSE

Several python packages will either be superseded or downgraded during an install of untools v2.5.0 in ArcGIS Pro 2.5


After upgrading to Pro 2.5 I cloned my python env and began installing both the dltsolutions package and the untools package.  The untools version listed was 2.5.0.  The dltsolutions package installed fine.  However, the untools package never finished.  After trying to reinstall, the highest version available was 2.2.  Figuring that this probably wasn't right, I opted to install via the ArcGIS python command prompt.


A 'conda search untools' command did result in seeing v2.5.0 available.


A 'conda install -c esri untools' command gave me this:



Again, my initial install of the untools package resulted in only one version option, 2.5.0.  A second attempt resulted in the ability to choose only 2.2.0.x versions.


What do I do?  Install and keep the superseded packages and then force the downgraded packages?  Roll back to Pro 2.4?  This doesn't pass the sniff test but I am not a python package expert...