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How to limit visibility of Enterprise Data to Viewers

Question asked by mciepluch on Feb 14, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2020 by TJones-esristaff

I am looking to set up Viewer accounts and am trying to limit what the viewer can access. There is data specific to a Group on our Enterprise site that I wish to share with a customer. I do not however want the customer to have access to our Enterprise as a whole. I tried making a Viewer account and specified what group I wanted the member to be assigned to. I was hoping this would limit the user to only see the data in the group but that is not the case. 


The end goal is to assign out limited enterprise viewer logins so customers can access data shared on ArcGIS hub (I want to make a customer hub and display dashboards that are from our Enterprise), but only data within a specific group on Enterprise. 


Any suggestions or work arounds would be appreciated, still in the learning process and just getting everything set up.