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Road Closures (ArcGIS Solutions for Local Government)

Question asked by Ecarreras_BCGIS on Feb 14, 2020
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We are new to the Waze for Cities program. Currently, I am trying to get information regarding how to submit road closure data to Waze using Road Closure solution. I read all the documentation for this solution, as well as the guidelines provided by Waze for this task. Being an Esri shop, we want to use this tool rather than Waze Map Editor since WME will not work for our workflow. Here are some questions regarding this matter:

  • How can I find our Waze for Cities program ID in the Waze partner dashboard?

According to the Road Closure documentation, in order to share any road closures with Waze, we need to provide our organization reference with every road closure. This field is used by Waze to identify which organization the road closure data is coming from. The reference name must be a maximum of either 10 capital letters or 12 lowercase letters. The reference is your Waze for Cities program ID.


  • Since we are new to the Waze for Cities program, we are Level 1 Editor. Per Waze, we are required to be at leaves Level 3. Is that correct?       (READ BELOW FOR ANSWER)

See the Closure feature permissions


  • I also noticed that Waze Map Editor tool will auto-populate the street name information when creating road closures. Since we are using the Esri solution tool for Waze, that is, the web mapping application for road closures, street names are not auto populated. As you may know, the streets shown in the Esri’s base map may vary from Waze basemap street names. Will Esri’s solution perform a reverse geocode operation using as an input the geometry delineated in the web map to get Waze street names?

See here:


  • Per Esri’s documentation for this solution, in order to share our road closure data, we must create a JSON request from the feature layer. I was under the impression that deploying this tool and configuring the Organization ID, etc. will handle all these things. Can someone elaborate on this topic?

See the following two links:


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