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Does Esri StoryMaps team test map rendering using Safari?

Question asked by miamass_gis on Feb 14, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2020 by miamass_gis

I'm looking through the ESRI StoryMap Team collection of Storymaps for 2019 put together by Hannah Wilber   -- Specifically looking at (Farm) Animal Planet:


Using Safari 13.05 (Mac desktop, OSMohave 10.14)  the map in the Sidecar remains static.


It doesn't change while the text scrolls by (I think there are about 6 slides?)  I cleared Safari cookies and tried again.  Nada.


I opened Chrome to view the same StoryMap - there is no problem with Chrome -- the map densities change accordingly.


Is this is Known Issue with the ArcGis StoryMap Sidecar -- but only when using Safari?