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Survey123 URL return to previous app

Question asked by Ben.Sperry_oxitec on Feb 13, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2020 by Ben.Sperry_oxitec


I believe there is a way to return to the previous app once a survey is submitted from a custom URL, but I can't find any documentation on this. Does anyone know how to accomplish this?


Also, and less important, is there a way to automatically submit a survey without having to click submit? And is there a way to build this into a URL?


For context:

I have a map in Explore that directs workers to service points, each service point has a custom url that includes values to populate the survey. There is no need for the worker to enter any additional information into the survey. Once they submit the survey I would like it to return to the Explorer (or collector) app so they can see the next service point.