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Discussion created by Hydie03 on Mar 23, 2011
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Good Day Happy GIS People!

I'm looking to have 3 maps made every Monday so I figured I'd try my hand at automating the process.  I have not tried any thing like this before and have no experience doing so...

I have created a macro in excel that exports the data from the server into an excel sheet and saves the file.  The file is saved with the date that the macro was run, so I can keep track of how often the program runs.  It names the excel file PData_03-23-2011.xls where the date changes.

How do I create a process in ArcMap to import the file (where the file name changes based on the date), plot the xy coords, and export them to a shapefile?

Also, if those of you know a better way to do this then through model builder, I'll gladly take any suggestions... and if anyone has had any good experiences from online training for automating ArcGIS processes, please let me know!

Cheers Everyone!