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VRP: Order Pairs to One Location - Vehicle Not Emptied on Visit

Question asked by BushtelAdmin on Feb 8, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2020 by HMoe-esristaff

G'day All


Apologies for the title, was thinking how search engines may index.


I've just started to explore VRP (ArcPro 2.5.0) using a subset of data to see how things work.


The current scenario is one depot with two buses to pick up students and drop to one school.

I'm trying different options and (although my data is currently more like a High Density Route) found two odd behaviors.


  1. I tried Order Pairs and Quantities. When the bus first visits the school, not all students are removed from the bus. This later leads the bus to shuttle back and forth as a few students are dropped off and then a few more picked up. I would have assumed that when at the Paired location, all deliveries (students) for that location would exit the bus. I also tried the School as a Renewal Depot and no change.
  2. The depot is approx 15 minutes from the school. There is a small cluster of student near the depot. The route that picks these students up collects them last; ie head into town, grabs students, loops back out to the depot and then back into town to the school. I'm sure there is a mathematical reason for this and just looks odd. Trying a Route solution picks up the close to depot students first.


Is the Order Pair behavior expected?

Is there a way to force the bus to empty when visiting the school?