Data Governance - Samples or Templates

Discussion created by browlinson on Feb 6, 2020
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We are looking at establishing data governance, specifically focused on the GIS, but will likely fall outside of this realm, so it likely will be more of an Enterprise Data Governance once it is complete.


I have read quite a bit and attended some seminars about data governance, but what I am missing is some real-world examples of documentation of the individual data types/classes that would be developed.


For instance, for a specific data type, say 'sidewalks', I am looking for a data governance document that I could use to build a template that would be used to establish governance for other data.


From my understanding, it should include things such as:

- Where is the 'record of truth' for the asset

- Who has access

- Who is allowed to update

- The process to add, change or remove a record


So, something like this, presuming I am not way off what should be in a data governance document is what I am looking for.


If anyone would be willing to share something or point me at a good resource it would be much appreciated.