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How small a feature can I digitize in ArcMap/ArcPro?

Question asked by gymjs1 on Feb 6, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2020 by gymjs1

A colleague of mine is trying to digitize features as small as 2 millimetres. We are finding that at around sub 4mm all features seem to simplify to a triangle even if he uses 3+ vertices or show an error. A test drawing a 4x4mm rectangle is OK, if I go below 4mm I get a message " The feature could not be created, the geometry is invalid".


If I digitize a polygon with 3+ vertices with any one length below 4mm it simplifies to a triangle.


Snapping is off.


He needs to do this as part of his grain size analysis derived from drone imagery and needs to run the Minimum bounding tool on the digitized features.


We have tried shapefile and FGDB polygon, various coordinate systems including nothing, all in ArcMap 10.6.1. 

In ArcPro 2.4.3 we can't zoom in beyond 1:1 so it's difficult to see but it looks as it too has similar limits.


How small should we be able to digitize in Arc, are there limits documented anywhere? It seems any line segment less than 4mm causes the issue or is there a perimeter/area minimum threshold?


Thanks - Mark