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Best Approach To Create County / City Map With Numerical Legend

Question asked by Jacob.Spacek@vdot.virginia.gov_VDOT on Feb 5, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2020 by MervynLotter

Hello ArcGis Community!


Question: What is the best methodology to replicate the map (URL) below? 


I have been pondering the best methodology to create a labeled numerical legend for the cities as shown in the example map (URL) above.


Currently I have one shape file that depicts the counties and cities within the state of Virginia.


There is already a column within the attribute table depicting whether or not each row is a city versus county.


My initial thought was...


1) Duplicate the shape file into two layers, one for counties, one for cities

2) Enable labeling for the Counties layer, label with county name.

3) Enable labeling for the Cities layer then... I need to assign each city with a unique number?


Specifically, I am looking for the best approach to handle auto generating a legend key that displays the city number along with the city name.


The end result following the completion of this task it to generate a printed layout with a legend key for the cities that also displays the counties, just like the map within the (URL) above.


Typically, I end up choosing tedious, labor intensive methods to accomplish tasks like this as opposed to taking an intelligent route utilizing available tools within ArcGis designed to accomplish the task at hand.


Any guidance / preferred methodologies are appreciated, thank you in advance for your time and effort!