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Web AppBuilder Developer Widget "White papers"?

Question asked by DSereno_MC on Feb 4, 2020
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Please forgive me if this has already been asked, but I've searched "Widget Documentation" and "Widget White Paper" with no luck. I am fairly new to the under the hood workings of WAB Dev edition, or in other words, I know just enough to be dangerous and I may even be barking up the wrong tree, but here goes:


Pertaining to WAB for ArcGIS Javascript edition, is there any "documentation" that explains/defines/documents what each function does/is in the respective Widget.js files? Instead of scrolling through ~1777 lines of code to find my function of interest, I am wondering if there is any documentation that outlines the functions utilized by the various widgets.


The above question is the primary question for this post but more specifically I am looking to modify the NearMe widget. So, for example, which function controls (if there even is one) the "shape" (rounded corners, etc.) of the buffering tool?


Dan Sereno

County of Maui Enterprise GIS