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Can you edit and manage a map hosted on Arcgis Online from Arcgis Pro?

Question asked by LAKEPLACIDGIS on Feb 4, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2020 by alexfriant

I work for a small municipal electric department, our current project is taking old maps of the electric grid and turning them into a useful map for ArcGIS Online. Currently, we have a rough map hosted in Online so lineman can use Collector out in the field to update the map and get information about poles, transformers, etc. Is it possible to edit and manage this map using ArcGIS Pro at the same time without constantly having to create new maps and publish them over the old ones? I need to be able to make wide-scale changes to layers in Pro, due to the fact that the map is still in its early stage, yet need to be able to incorporate the changes made out in the field in real-time also.