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Arcade Label Expression causing ArcPro to be unresponsive after to arcade expression

Question asked by alynch_GRP on Feb 4, 2020
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Is my code unsuitable as a label expression? My ArcPro project is unresponsive after applying the arcade script. I have a feeling I messed up and created an infinity loop? I am not too sure as I normally use FME for post-processing...Essentially it's looking at fields 1-5 for domain coded value 'FALSE'. If value found, then concatenate and display label values in JointCompany_n [company name].


Also, is there one location and resource/guide/book on arcade? I am getting frustrated with how many tabs are open just to find information on which function, operator, and logical are being used...


//create labels for all_jointattachment layer by commtransfer value
var i = 0
var features = []
//create function to filter from comm transferred field
function addvalue(feat) {
if (RIGHT(feat,5)=='FALSE') {
features[i++] = feat;

//add value from field commtransferred and filter out ones with false
//returns all features where value is false

return Concatenate (Replace(features,'FALSE',''), ";")



Thank you!!!!