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Unlocated OD Cost Matrix Points - Unresolveable

Question asked by dtrolling on Feb 4, 2020
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Using ArcMap 10.7.1 and the Network Analyst extension to run the Generate Origin-Destination Cost Matrix tool on a sample of 1,000 origins and 1,000 destinations. For the Network Dataset, I'm pulling in the StreetMap Premium 2019 R4 Routing feature dataset that includes the "Routing_ND" feature class.


I added the ND to my TOC along with my origins and destinations, then opened the NA tool window to load locations. Once it finishes loading them into the Origins layer, all points are classed as 'Unlocated'.


I've seen several posts out there with the same issue, with the resolution being attributed to increasing the search tolerance of points away from the ND. I tried it at the default 5,000 meters then stepped it up to 20,000 meters. Same results -- all points are unlocated.


On a side note - these points are less than 1 meter from the ND lines, so it should be picking them up.


What am I missing here? I didn't see anything in an online tutorial that is different from what I'm trying. It seems I must be missing something obvious.