Seems like a simple optimization on max tons/hr...however...

Discussion created by nickdemerchant on Mar 22, 2011
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Hi there,

I have what seems like a relatively simple problem but there's a catch that I can't seem to figure out a workaround with Network Analyst.  Each road segment is coded with a maximum Tons/hr value.  If I maximize on this, It would generate the proper route that adds up all the segments of the route to give me the maximum tons/hr.  All roads are classified as either a 63.5 tons, 55.5 ton or 43.5 ton road.  If the route that is generated has any segments that would be 43.5 tons, then the whole route would need to be classified as a 43.5 ton road.

It's a bit confusing for me to try and maximize on tons/hr keeping in mind that if any of the segments have a lower ton rating, then all the segments would get tagged as 43.5 and the max ton/hr value would be much less.

Hopefully i've explained this enough for someone to try and understand.  Would greatly appreciate any feedback or ideas on this problem.