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Can I create my own data set?  Specifically, the high school location and population for every high school in CA (that competes in CIF sports)

Question asked by ekhansen7 on Feb 1, 2020
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The governing body for high school sports in Southern CA - CIF (California Interscholastic Federation) - is a behemoth of a section, serving, I think, the largest group of high schools in the US.  Organizing high schools into leagues and divisions in all their various sports is a complex task that I think could seriously benefit from GIS to inform its decisions.  But I don't think that data exists in GIS.  So my question is...can I create it?  If so, how?  If not, who can?  How would I go about this? I can't emphasize enough how beneficial GIS could be in this particular field of athletic administration.  But I have no idea where to get started.  Please help!