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Esri JS-API 4.13, Webpack, imported classes show up undefined

Question asked by Schotty on Feb 3, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 4, 2020 by Schotty

We are using the ArcGIS JavaScript API 4.13 in an Angular 8 based project and are about to change from esri-loader to a Webpack approach. I followed the instructions on Angular | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.14 installing @arcgis/webpack-plugin 4.13.1. The example worked fine, but when i startet migrating the project, several imported classes show up "undefined". I went back to the simple example to reproduce the error, and it was the same.

We are using roughly 50 classes from different packages, but five classes show up undefined, these are the failing imports:

  • import watchUtils from 'arcgis-js-api/core/watchUtils';
  • import geometryEngine from 'arcgis-js-api/geometry/geometryEngine';
  • import webMercatorUtils from 'arcgis-js-api/geometry/support/webMercatorUtils';
  • import size from 'arcgis-js-api/renderers/smartMapping/creators/size';
  • import color from 'arcgis-js-api/renderers/smartMapping/creators/color';

I realize that each of the imported classes starts with a lower case letter, but the same goes for "import config from 'arcgis-js-api/config';", which is not failing.


What am i missing?