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Quick Capture R2 iOS

Question asked by cozgis on Jan 31, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2020 by dcolbert

Does Quick Capture on iOS support the R2 with real-time corrections? I know it does not say so on the website, but maybe a future version. It does come up as an option. However, it does not want to connect to the R2 (default configured from our supplier) at all, and seems to also not play well when the GNSS is open and connected to the R2 (GNSS app loses connection).


On Android, GNSS app also loses connection when attempting to connect in Quick Capture. I can use mock BT location, with the R2 and GNSS Status up and running, and Location Provider in Quick Capture. Of course then quick capture thinks I am using the phone's GPS and does not populate the metadata correctly for the device type.


If anyone has used Quick Capture successfully with an external GPS with corrections, please let me know and give me some pointers. Which GPS device are you using? Which correction service?


Why external GPS? In my last test iOS/Quick Capture was claiming 16' accuracy, when in reality the point was 60' feet off from the corrected R2 point captured in Android. This was in non-ideal conditions, but regardless external GPS is a must for my application.