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Regression in Raster Calculator by condition

Question asked by s1070560_ZGIS on Jan 30, 2020

Hi, i am setting up environment for a multicriteria evaluation for habitat suitability. I don`t want to set fix values for classes, but calculate them with different formulas, depending in which range the value is:


For example Digitial Elevation Modell:


-All values < 600m get value "0"

-values from 600 to 1500 should be calculated with a formula like "y= -0.004x+0,31"  (where x ist the elevation Value from the Raster DEM)

- values from 1501 to 2500 get the value "1"

- values from 2501 to 2700 should be calculated with a formula like "y= -0.05x+0.31+0.5"

- values > 2700 get value "0"


Any ideas how to calculate this in raster calculator?



Or is there any other solution in ArcGISPro to calculate this values (see attached chart); maybe with weighted overlay? I have some other raster layers with similar problems with which i want to make a weighted overlay in the last step.


Note: Formulas above are just examples and are not adjusted to the enclosed chart


Thank you!