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Question Regarding GeoEvent Server and ArcGIS Server Service Recycle Point

Question asked by kjxm25_KCSouthern on Jan 31, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2020 by stefan.jungesri-de-esridist

We have a GeoEvent Service that accepts input as JSON on REST endpoint and then adds that input to an ArcGIS Server Feature Service.  Our Feature Service recycles its configuration every 24 hours starting at 00:00 hours.  I am wondering how the GeoEvent Service will handle messages received while the feature service is being recycled.  Our GeoEvent Input will still return a status 200 since it received the JSON payload but I am wondering if the insert will fail due to the service being unavailable or will the GeoEvent Service save the event and iteratively try another call?  I imagine we can design the integration to account for this but it would be added work for our integration team.  Wondering if anybody has any experience dealing with this issue or any advice?  Thanks in advance.