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The Perennial "I need non-editable layers in Collector" thread....

Question asked by tpcolson Champion on Jan 29, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2020 by dougbrowning

Collector is growing in popularity for us, and I have a user requirement for the same platform to show non-editable data. Here are two possible scenarios:


Field crew wants data in collector so when they're standing in front of a tree, they can bring up the attributes that tell them how much was herbicide sprayed last time, what species of tree, etc..


This all has to work offline, as like most users of Collector, data collection occurs where there is no cell service or very poor WiFi due to security restrictions. (Wonder why Sync Collector for ArcGIS via USB  isn't in Product Plan Yet?)


Here's the body of knowledge on this topic, which indicates it's quite a large yet unmet need. 

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Here's why none of the above work. 

I easily got a Collector Offline map going, and 20 people downloaded it and went about their day. Here's the problem: We're updating the HFS nightly from on-prem SDE (we only allow editing to occur against SQL). So those 20 downloads resulted in 20 replica's, which must be blown away before I can overwrite the HFS. Manually. 


Looking at Prepare maps for download—Explorer for ArcGIS | Documentation doesn't work either, as there's no way to automate a nightly update of the data and get it packaged and downloadable for Explorer. 


Surely someone has solved this? This workflow wasn't this hard with ArcPad. Struggling to believe that ESRI didn't include a means to show data in Collector and make it non-editable without having to rely in replica's being made.