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Divide polygon at a specified distance by parallel line

Question asked by HCPSLingham on Jan 29, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 15, 2020 by HCPSLingham

Is there an easy way to split a polygon at a set distance from a boundary using a line parallel to that boundary?

E.g. I have an irregularly shaped field to split at different distances from a field boundary, which parallels the direction of the cropping rows in the field. In the image the field boundaries can be seen which are often not parellel or perpendicular. I need to split the field twice, once at 50m from the eastern boundary and then again 80m from the first split.

It is too difficult, time consumingand probably inaccurate to try to work out proportionality given the shape of the block. And the splits are not the same. The splits are based on the number of crop rows from the eastern boundary, e.g. crop rows are 2m apart and the splits are at 20 rows and then at 40 rows. 

Is there a tool or something, or do I need to keep doing it the hard way? I work in a district with 17470 fields and ~3000 need to be edited each year.