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Help with Using Map Tiles to reduce Credit Usage

Question asked by 77snake on Jan 29, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 3, 2020 by 77snake

Hello, it seems that I have been having a great deal of trouble attempting to create a Map Tile Package to be used on an online map.


My goal is to create a Map Tile Package that includes Parcel Dimension information, Lot Numbers, and Subdivision Names. I am hoping by creating a Package containing this kind of information I can remove the layers I have now that are currently showing this information. These layers are not exactly huge but neither is our credit budged and the amount of credits being used is not sustainable.


As of now, I have created and published a Map Tile Package to ArcGIS Online and added to an online map. This is where my problem starts. When I add it to or view it on an online map, nothing loads in. If I zoom out to a higher scale, parts of the tiles would start to pop in but not the entire package. If I zoomed out to view the continental United States, I would see the entire package but zooming in would cause the tiles to vanish once again.


I am at a lost on how to proceed farther, I went through the process again of creating a Map Tile Package through Pro and I still had the same issue.


I am using Pro 2.4.3 using the Create Map Tile Package Tool with all the data being on a local drive.


Any help will be greatly appreciated.