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502 Bad Gateway & ArcGIS Online Inoperable?

Question asked by dsteuber0352 on Jan 28, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2020 by Stuart.Moore

My organization runs it's own ArcGIS Server hosting processes for use with Collector in the field. All has been well and I was working on some web maps and dashboards yesterday in ArcGIS Online. When I come in this morning, I can barely login to ArcGIS, half the time getting 502 Bad Gateway errors on the tablets or just stuck on "Loading" on desktop.

When I do get in, the maps on Collector are very sluggish if they do load, and the ArcGIS Online in the desktop browser doesn't seem to see our Content 100% of the time. I can no longer add data to existing web maps, but I can connect to data sources outside of ours in ArcGIS Online. 

Is ESRI having some issues on their end? I've restarted our processes on our ArcGIS Server and all seems to be operating as normal there. There is some sort of breakdown when information has to pass through the ArcGIS Online wrapper it seems. What gives, ESRI?