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Census 2010 Blocks & Population Tables

Question asked by Nicole.Eiden_ADHSGIS on Jan 27, 2020
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2020 by SpencerTK

Hello! I'm new to using Census data and am having trouble finding total population tables for all 50 states & DC to join to TIGER block geometry. I've spent many hours exploring Census web & ftp sites, and have only come across a complicated file structure that once unzipped resulted in 3 files with a *.pl extension. And I'm not sure if Total Population is in there.


While impressed with the amount of data that Census generates and provides as tables, I only need Total Population tables to join to block geometry. I've already ftp'd down the block geometries for the nation.


It seems so simple...I'm sure I'm overlooking something obvious. Can someone point me - a newbie Census data user - in the right direction? 

Thank you!!