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Grids and Graticules xml templates

Question asked by jiels_sdfe on Jan 27, 2020
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2020 by jiels_sdfe

I am using a tool from the Cartography toolbox called Make Grids and Graticules layer, which uses template xml files to create grids. The tool help says:


"Template files are located in the GridTemplates folder under the ArcGIS install directory. Additional grid templates can be obtained and shared using the ArcGIS Resource Center."


Does anyone know where in the ArcGIS Resource Center I can find other template xml files? I am looking specifically for the xml for a NATO standard military map (Series 1401) that is not provided in the ArcGIS install directory. Just seeing if I can track it down before I try and make one from scratch using the xml designer in Production Mapping.