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How to estimate the number of SQL licenses necessary to install ArcGIS enterprise on MS SQL?

Question asked by APEL-MDN on Jan 23, 2020
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We are about to install ArcGIS enterprise which will make use of MS Standard SQL version.

As non-profit organization we have access to discounted Microsoft licenses.


ArcGIS enterprise will be installed on a MS server 2016 with 32 Gb and 8 cores.


The Core-Based Licensing is too expensive so I will need to go with the Server/CAL licence.


My questions:


1) What are the element to consider in order to buy the MS SQL licence o provide enough licencing resource to ArcGIS Enterprise? We don't expect more than 2,3 consecutive connections to the portal in admin mode and a total of 5 users to the data. 

That said the public maps (story maps) will be open to public (which I don't thin will use any MS SQL licence) 


2) Is ArcGIS Enterprise process considered 1 user. If I connected to the portal with 10 users is sql still looking at 1 user or 10 users?  Users will not have direct access to the database.


The link will show you what I was planning to purchase but the quantity is the "?"


SQL Server Standard Edition (Server/CAL) | TechSoup Canada 


thanks in advance