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Split Tool Issue in Editing ArcGIS PRo

Question asked by on Jan 23, 2020
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  In the past it seemed splitting a polyline segment while clicking on the line took a very long time.  That at least seems to have been fixed and is now very fast which is great.



  I'm having is an inconsistency of using the split tool by using the dashed construction line rather than just clicking on the polyline itself in case I wanted to split a polyline in more than one segment or if I wanted to split 2 polylines at different spots at the same time.


  Using this split construction dashed line it seems to sporadically work.  Sometimes doing exactly what I want, other times, just splitting the polyline in one of the 2 or more places I select or sometimes not splitting at all and still saying it was successful.


  I've tried using both the "Allow splitting without a selection" and with it and no difference.




Another issue is if I two polyline segments that meet at an intersection and only one polyline needs to be split (for example one is a road that is named something and the other is a road that has different names on either side of the intersection) that I can't seem to select the correct line to split.  Pro just seems to randomly select one of the polylines and splits that.  Again, I've tried using the "Allow splitting without a selection" on and off and it still doesn't matter.  How can I split only one polyline I want and not the other at an intersection?




Issue1a.jpg - Example of a single polyline where I want a single split to be

Issue1b.jpg - Example of a single polyline where I want it to be split in 2 spots

Issue1a.jpg - Example of 2 polylines and I want to split only A and not B, however when hovering over the 

                       intersection, it shows Line will be split and not A.