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Portal 10.7.1 : can't rename/delete category class if it contain special characters

Question asked by Arpa_Piemonte_Geoportal on Jan 22, 2020

It' seems a bug but this is the story:


We created some organization category classes with neme cointaning accents character ((Ie. Biodiversità) and so we use them to categorize some portal items 


One day We noticed that in the "content page"  if we filter for those classes. no items is shown..


We tried so to rename the classes to  eliminate the special chracter  "à"  but edit fails

We tried to delete the classes but the delete fails.


"Failed" means that Portal application remain in waiting status and no message is shown.



Notice that if I create a new class WITHOUT SPECIAL CHARACTERS I can edit or delete it without prioblems


Hany help is appreciated!!



Confifuratione: Portal for Arcgis 10.7.1 Enterprise advanced on Windows 2012.